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BOND provides consulting services and comprehensive communication strategies to help your film generate broad awareness, engagement, and sales. Each of our services, from PR and Media to Creative and Social Media, are centered around achieving your film's full potential in all distribution channels.


    At BOND Strategy and Influence, we care deeply about each and every one of our film projects.

    Understanding that every film is unique, we work to gather clear insights on who our target audience is and then develop custom digital and offline strategies that drive success in both box office and digital sales. Our experienced team is involved in every aspect of promotion and distribution and are equipped to deliver full service marketing campaigns, influencer outreach, media planning, online public relations and more.

    BOND/360 launched in 2013, offering independent filmmakers the opportunity to connect their films and merchandise directly with their fans. We distribute highly curated independent feature films with an emphasis on empowering our filmmakers to embrace their brand and build their fan base. Our innovative approach provides filmmakers with a communications and distribution support team, helping them develop and diversify their brand while making a profit. While we also make films available in traditional movie theaters and on DVD, video-on-demand is the foundation of our business. BOND/360 specializes in working with films that address popular topics in today's zeitgeist and filmmakers who desire to have careers for years to come.

    Recent projects include Particle Fever, Alive Inside, Desert Runners, Sign Painters, and more.

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    November 11, 2015

    The Story of a Mysterious Artist Colony in India and Its Looming Eviction

    Tomorrow We Disappear chronicles the last days of Kathputli, the mysterious hand-built artist colony first discovered in Salman Rushdie's iconic... read more

    November 7, 2015

    Documentary delves into Nicolas Cage’s real life ‘’Lord of War’’ character

    The Nicolas Cage character in the 2005 movie "Lord of War" was inspired by a real man: the infamous international arms smuggler Viktor Bout. Bout ran... read more

    September 1, 2015

    Alex Winter on The Head-Spinning Challenges of Making ‘Deep Web’

    Alex Winter, Director of BOND’s DEEP WEB discusses the difficulties of creating his project DEEP WEB. Check out the article on Indiewire and look... read more


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